The Dice bike.

A '71-'79 Schizo-frame.
To be continued..........

July 2012.
There was a lot of parts in my shed, so I tried to organize it all. The '79 engine was a leftie. The '71 frame is build for rightshift. So I put my '74 engine in the frame and collected all parts.
 New motormounts.

Found a rear and frontwheel.
A rear fender
Now looking for a front brakedrum and an dual exhaust.
And...............................where is my batterytray?
Looking for days to find it. 
No tray!

A Few Months later.
Got a Grimeca 4LS brake and a 2000-up Sportster frontend.
Found a XLCR exhaust
But this exhaust will not fit with the '74 engine. so I changed engines and now it is a left shifter again.

December 2013
First time in the sun.